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Your guide to Flawless Beauty

May 2, 2024

How to Apply Concealer Correctly: flawless finish

Learn pro tips for flawless concealer use. Target dark circles and achieve radiance.

The cool thing we are going to talk about how to Apply Concealer! For making our face look great, it’s like a secret weapon. Think of it as magic for our face! It can cover up spots or bumps, bring out the glow under our eyes, and even make our face look more defined.

But it’s not hard to use makeup! We only need to be careful and use it the right way. We don’t need to use a lot of concealer like a cake; we only need a little here and there. Then we gently rub it into our skin until it’s completely blended. It’s like painting our faces!

We also need the right tools, like certain brushes, to get the job done right. We can get really good at using makeup if we learn a few easy tips! It will even out our skin tone and make us look even more beautiful. Let’s stop being confused and get excited about how great concealer can make our faces look!

What You Will Need

You’ll need some special things to make your concealer look great. To help you, here is a list:

  • Concealer: Choose a shade that matches your skin tone.
  • Setting Powder: Helps to lock in concealer and prevent creasing.
  • Concealer Brush: Ideal for precise application.
  • Beauty Blender: Blends concealer seamlessly for a natural look.
  • Primer: Preps the skin for smooth concealer application.

Steps to Apply Concealer Correctly

So let’s learn how to put on concealer just right so we look really cool now that we have everything we need.

 Apply Concealer

Step 1: Prepare Your Skin

  • First, clean up your face by washing it.
  • Then, use special creams like moisturiser and sunscreen.
  • Before putting on makeup, wait a little while for the creams to dry.

Expert tip: Let’s make our skin super smooth for makeup! Rub your skin gently a few times a week to get rid of old skin and make it look fresh and shiny.

Step 2: Apply Primer

  • First, wash your face to get rid of old makeup and dirt.
  • Then, before you put on your makeup, use something called prep. It keeps your makeup on longer and makes you look better.
  • Different face problems, like open pores, lines, or rough skin, can be fixed with primers.
  • For your face, you only need a little primer.
  • You can use primer all over your face or just on the areas you want to make up.
 Apply Concealer

Expert tip: After applying the prep, we need to wait a little while before applying the concealer. This makes the primer work better.

 Apply Concealer

Step 3: Choose the Right Concealer Shade

  • Let’s wash our faces first to get rid of any dirt or old makeup.
  • Then, for under our eyes, we choose a makeup that is the same colour as our skin or a little lighter.
  • If you choose one that is too light, it might show up spots instead of covering them up.

Expert tip: Let’s see if the colour of the concealer looks good on my face by putting it on my jaw or inside my wrist.

Step 4: Apply Concealer Strategically

  • I wash my face first to get rid of dirt and old makeup.
  • This covers up dark bags under my eyes and makes them look brighter.
  • After that, I put some makeup on spots that need it.
  • I put makeup on my cheeks and the area around my nose if they are red.
 Apply Concealer

Expert tip: We can add more of this light makeup if we need to. It will help hide things on our skin without being too thick or heavy.

 Apply Concealer

Step 5: Blend, Blend, Blend

  • To mix, you can use either a wet sponge or a soft brush.
  • Try to make the coating smooth, with no bumps or lines.
  • Extra care should be taken to apply it evenly around the eyes.

Expert tip: Rather than putting our concealer all over, it’s better to tap or dab it on. For better coverage and to keep our makeup in place, we put it on this way.

Set Your Concealer

  • Do you agree that we want our makeup to look really smooth?
  • We should choose a powder that makes our makeup last longer.
  • I’ll pat the powder around my nose and under my eyes with a small brush.
  • We want to look better than ourselves.
  • We pick makeup that works well for our skin type because everyone is different.
 Apply Concealer

Expert tip: Do not use too much of that powder because it can make lines and dry spots stand out more. It only takes a little to keep your concealer in place.

 Apply Concealer

Finish with Setting Spray

  • I mix my makeup. Make sure that my makeup is nice and smooth.
  • Spray it on: Keep the spray bottle away from my face.
  • Spray all over: I sprayed the spray all over my face to keep my makeup in place.
  • Let it dry: You need to wait until the spray is dry.
  • Done with everything: My make-up will stay put all day if I let it dry.

Expert tip: Let’s look for sprays that clean and shine my skin. They can keep my makeup from looking too dry or dull.

If you follow these helpful steps, you will always have a smooth, perfectly Apply Concealer. How do you make sure that how to apply concealer correctly in flawless finish stays in style? Tell us about your favourite Concealer and tricks in the comments!


  • Radhika Gupta

    Radhika Gupta is a passionate blogger and writer at BlogSUS who loves sharing easy DIY hacks to improve your skin, hair, and makeup. She writes helpful pieces with useful tips and tricks for a glowing self-care experience. She has a genius for making beauty routines easier to follow.

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Radhika Gupta is a passionate blogger and writer at BlogSUS who loves sharing easy DIY hacks to improve your skin, hair, and makeup. She writes helpful pieces with useful tips and tricks for a glowing self-care experience. She has a genius for making beauty routines easier to follow.

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