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May 6, 2024

The Ultimate Skincare Routine for Oily Skin: your AM and PM pegimen

Get a flawless complexion with expert advice and product recommendations tailored to oily skin types.

Skincare Routine for Oily Skin

You’re not alone. You may find extra oil bothersome, but don’t worry! I have the answer. I’ll show you the finest skincare products for oily skin, a fresh, matte complexion all day. Consistent skincare is essential for oily skin. Although skipping stages or using harsh products is tempting, it will simply make issues worse.

The finest skincare routine starts with washing. No matter what, cleansing is necessary. Look for an oily skin-specific gentle foamy cleanser. This will remove dirt, oil, and pollutants without drying out skin. Next, toner. Oily skin needs toning to balance pH and tighten pores.

Sunscreen is necessary even for greasy skin. For sun protection without breakouts, use a non-comedogenic product with at least SPF 30. The greatest skincare routine for oily skin is here. You’ll have clearer, more balanced skin if you cleanse, tone, moisturise, and protect daily.

Know About Oily Skin

Before starting a skincare routine, you must understand what causes oily skin. Sebaceous glands beneath the skin create sebum, a natural oil that lubricates and protects. However, oily skin causes excessive sebum production due to overactive sebaceous glands. Oily skin has enlarged pores, a glossy appearance, and acne and pimples. Genetics, hormonal changes, nutrition, and environment might worsen oily skin.

The Best Skincare Routine for Oily Skin

For oily skin, use a mild cleanser to eliminate debris and oil. Two to three weekly exfoliations clear pores and prevent outbreaks. Hydrate without oil with a lightweight moisturiser.


Cleaning my skin decreases oil and acne. Oily or acne-prone skin is cleansed gently using an oil-free cleanser.

  • Microorganisms that cause acne are killed with tea tree oil, benzoyl peroxide, and salicylic acid.
  • If we scrub or wash our faces too much, we might get rid of good oils that keep our skin healthy and make it oilier.
  • Every morning and night, we should wash our faces with warm water and make rings on them.
  • Don’t dry our skin with our hands; use a soft towel instead.
  • We clean our face without making it worse or putting oil on it.


I always use a toner after cleansing. It’s essential to my skincare routine because it rebalances my skin’s pH and removes oil, grime, and makeup.

  • Use a toner that doesn’t have alcohol and has witch hazel, niacinamide, or glycolic acid in it.
  • Use a cotton pad to gently put it on your face and neck.
  • Look at the dirty parts.
  • Wait for the toner to dry before moving on.
  • Refreshed and ready for the next step in skin care.


My experience shows that oily skin needs water too, contrary popular belief.

  • Use moisturisers that are light and won’t clog pores.
  • Find creams that don’t have any oil in them and have glycerin, ceramides, and hyaluronic acid in them.
  • Use about the size of a dime to cover your face and neck.
  • Avoid the T-zone and focus on dry, flaky spots.
  • Avoids blocked pores and a greasy film.
  • Takes care of oily skin without using too much makeup.


Due to my naturally thick skin, I’ve always prioritised clearing and preventing outbreaks.

  • slowly added AHA and BHA chemical cleaners to help with exfoliation.
  • Beginning with a light exfoliation process.
  • Over time, the regularity went up to two or three times a week.
  • Helped get rid of dead skin cells, open up pores, and speed up the turnover of skin cells.
  • Found the right mix for clear, healthy skin that doesn’t hurt.

Clay Masks

Masks made of clay have saved my oily face many times.

  • Things in the environment, like dry air and sun contact, play a role.
  • The skin’s moisture layer is damaged by too much exfoliation.
  • Skin moisture is affected by a bad diet that lacks important nutrients.
  • Some medicines, like diuretics, can make you lose water.
  • Skin loses its power to hold on to water as it ages.

Oil Control Products

Adding targeted oil control products to my skincare routine has helped reduce shine and pores.

  • It works with serums, creams, and mattifying powders that have niacinamide, zinc oxide, or silica in them.
  • They control the production of oil and give the skin a smooth look.
  • If you’re in a sticky T-zone, don’t use too much.
  • To stop bad consequences, balance is important.


A healthy diet has changed my skin care.

  • Hormones stay balanced and the body doesn’t make too much oil when you eat a lot of fruits, vegetables, lean meats, and whole grains.
  • Lessening the amount of hot, greasy, and sugary foods you eat can help clear up your skin.
  • What you eat has a big effect on the health of your face and can help you keep your complexion clear.


I’ve discovered that drinking enough is essential for healthy skin, oily or not. To stay hydrated and flush out toxins and manage oil production, I drink water throughout the day.

  • Eating healthy food makes my body strong and helps me play for a long time without getting tired.
  • Healthy food helps my brain work better, so I can think and learn more easily.
  • It makes me feel happy!
  • Eating healthy food makes my skin look nice and smooth.
  • My tummy feels good because healthy food helps me digest it well.
  • Healthy food helps keep my body temperature just right.
  • Eating healthy food helps prevent ouchies in my kidneys!

Stress Management

Stress severely harmed my skin. Stress-induced chemical changes made my skin oilier and breakout-prone.

  • Yoga, meditation, and deep breathing can help you deal with hormones and stress.
  • Make sure you get enough sleep every night to keep your face from making too much oil and looking dull.
  • Know how important it is to deal with stress for good skin health.

Closing Thought

To people with oily skin, keeping a clear complexion might seem like an endless battle. Still, there is hope! Wash your face gently with an oil-free face wash to eliminate grime and oil. Apply a salicylic acid toner to clear pores and regulate oil production.

To keep your skin hydrated without shine, use a lightweight, non-comedogenic moisturiser. Weekly clay masks can also absorb oil and pollutants. Consistency matters! Maintain your regimen and let it work. You may get rid of oily skin and get a balanced complexion with the appropriate products and patience.


What skin care routine is best for oily skin?

If you have oily skin, you should start your process with a gentle cleanser, then tone, put on a serum, a light moisturiser, and eye cream. When you go outside, you have to wear sunscreen. It’s also good to use an exfoliator twice a week.

How can I take care of my oily skin daily?

DO wash your face every morning, every night, and after working out. When you wash your face, don’t scrub it, not even to get rid of makeup. It can make your face look worse because it irritates it. DON’T use skin care items that say they are “oil free” or “noncomedogenic.”

Is vitamin C serum good for oily skin?

People with oily or sensitive skin should use vitamin C serum because it has been shown to make the skin look brighter, even out skin tone, and lessen the look of dark spots and discoloration.


  • Radhika Gupta

    Radhika Gupta is a passionate blogger and writer at BlogSUS who loves sharing easy DIY hacks to improve your skin, hair, and makeup. She writes helpful pieces with useful tips and tricks for a glowing self-care experience. She has a genius for making beauty routines easier to follow.

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Radhika Gupta is a passionate blogger and writer at BlogSUS who loves sharing easy DIY hacks to improve your skin, hair, and makeup. She writes helpful pieces with useful tips and tricks for a glowing self-care experience. She has a genius for making beauty routines easier to follow.

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